The story behind the experience.

It begins with the founders...

  • Tulare, CA

  • Sacramento, CA

Artistic expression.


Todd Speelman – Owner & Lead Producer

Todd has developed a great passion for events while working in the radio industry for over 25 years. While working for major stations in Sacramento and San Diego and assisting in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area markets, he has found tremendous success and found his talents are best utilized producing events – specifically live music. He has gained invaluable knowledge and experience managing operations, i.e., artist contract negotiations and compliance, successful marketing techniques and campaigns, sponsorships, city permits and compliance, vendors, security and safety measures, buildout, enhancing ticket holder experiences through direct communication, including VIP and front-of-stage offerings and, ultimately, finding ‘what works’.

Through his many successes in this area, he is dedicated to producing future events under this joint venture with his partner and wife, Claudia.


Claudia Speelman – Owner & Hospitality/Merchandising Manager

Claudia began her career as a secretary, working in the construction industry, then the health industry, serving PMs, VPs, a CFO and managing several employees over a period of 23 years. After a long and successful career in this field, and raising two amazing children, she decided to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. In March of 2008, she made that dream come true and began her new journey flying for the prestigious Delta Air Lines. During COVID, after considerable thought, she opted to take a much coveted retirement package and, in August of 2020, hung up her wings. She always referred to that career as her “fun job”, so it was a tough decision for her to make, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Her best friend and husband, Todd, was beginning his own new journey as a producer and she would become a valuable partner and asset to their new business venture. She brings with her a love of people, of attending to their needs through providing the highest level of customer service, sprinkled with warmth and kindness. Throughout her life and in her careers, she has attained valuable tools and honed her skills in serving the public, bringing high energy and a positive attitude to everything she does. Over the last 2 years, she has helped nurture and grow the hospitality side of the concert business and will bring new life to the merchandising end of it. The artists appreciate her attention to detail and her thoughtful, personable nature.

The Concerts

We strive to have every type of category of music throughout the year. From Rock, Country, Pop to Jazz, Hispanic and Alternative we cover it all. We deliver top of the line sound and lights in a venue that feels as intimate as possible and has all the amenities on site that you are looking for. Our VIP experience is TOP NOTCH!

You - The Ticket Holder

We ask one question of ourselves for each show – What do we like to see when we go to a show? The easy answers is a really great live show but it goes deeper then that. We start thinking of that question at the point of marketing the show.  How do you want to be communicated too? Is the ticket buying process easy? Is the venue easy to navigate? Are there enough vendors? Is the quality of vendors, food and other items top notch? We want you to have a memorable experience as a ticket holder.

Another great concert event from the staff to the food and beverage options. The best was VIP front row experience and sound check meet and greets. Cheers – Greg
Great company with great services and great bands! They LITERALLY have the best employees working for them and offer PREMIUM services – Natasha
The venue was easy to navigate, sound was perfect, all the seats had a great view of the stage...and the best bathrooms – Tina G
Awesome venue! Great concert, not a bad seat in the house. Spade does an amazing job! – Mike
Spade Entertainment knocks it out of the park yet again!!!!! What an amazing show. The talent they bring to is amazing!!! The sound is amazing!! I would highly recommend any shows that Spade Entertainment brings to town. Can’t wait for our next show!!! – Gloria